Heavily illustrated, and packed with detail, this reference describes every canine breed recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) including even recently recognized breeds, such as the Norwegian Buhund, the Pyrenean Shepherd, and the Swedish Vallhund.

The book provides a short but accurate description of each dog cites its origins, its physical traits, temperament, average life span, major health concerns, and special needs. It covers training, grooming, exercise, and adaptability to specific environments. The book includes a color photo of each breed in its show pose and a second provides a detailed head shot. Attractive, easy-to-use, charts summarize the degree of care required for each breed.

Written by D. Caroline Coile Ph.D., a leading expert on dog breeds, this spiral-bound book boasts a wealth of information in a manageable size and lay-flat format. It serves as a useful guide for prospective dog purchasers, as well as trainers and breeders.

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