As a dog breeder, you will most often hear me say, “Oh, your looking for a pet? Why not consider an adoptable pet from a NO KILL FACILITY?” Meaning exactly what the title implies, no animal is put down, ever, regardless age, unless there is a debilitating disease.

I’d love for folks to consider some of the best pets in families today were once thrown away like unwanted trash. It is not uncommon to hear from adoptive families, “Its as if this dog/cat, knows we adopted him!”. well, I have a strong feeling these pets realize their new people families are indeed PET ANGELS!
Although I am a breeder, I study the genes of my breed going back many generations, and it’s my goal to better the quality and confirmation of the DOBERMAN. I only have a litter every few years, and my puppies typically go to families who also have a deep respect for this most intelligent, loyal and loving dog.
NO KILL FACILITIES are where you can adopt, for a low fee, a pet who will recognize you as their savior. You’ll receive a lifetime of unconditional love and respect!!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!
[Tyler Darling is a dog breeder living in the mountains of North Carolina, after loosing her long time Florida home to 4 hurricanes in 12 months. She has over-come her handicap limitations, including dealing with type-2 diabetes, to sell on eBay, breed dogs, and operate her own blog.]

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