The Belgian Tervuren belongs in the Belgian Shepherd Dog category. Previously before being recognized by the AKC in 1960 as the Belgian Tervuren it was known as the Belgian Sheepdog.

Belgian Shepherd Tervuren Dog BreedThe Tervuren is a medium sized dog, ranging from 24-26 inches in height and weighing in at roughly 65 lbs.  The Tervuren is a high energy breed; they must be kept busy with activities throughout the day. They are loyal dogs, who make a strong bond with their family.

Some Tervurens become nervous in many situations. This is usually caused by experiences when young or poor breeding practices. Caution must be taken to make sure you can reverse the issue at a young age to prevent it from becoming a more serious issue. They make a superb watch dog because they notice the smallest details and changes in their environment.

Overall the Belgian Tervuren is a healthy breed. Their minor health problems include hip dysplasia, gastric problems, eye and skin problems, and epilepsy.

The coat on the Tervuren is thick and double coated. Regular grooming is necessary to remove the loose fur on the under coat. Many groomers believe you should trim the legs with scissors to show off the firm cat like feet they have.

There are many disqualifications recognized by the AKC for the Tervuren, some of them include a cropped or stumped tail, males under 23 inches in height, and females over 24.5 inches in height. The AKC also recognizes faults including missing teeth, a face with no black, and blackening in patches.

Their life expectancy is 12-14 years which is above average for their size.

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