Bedlington Terriers have the appearance of a lamb. Their fur is non-shedding, and has the texture of wool.  Their long hair was used as protection to fight off prey that bit them. Their head is triangular in shape that matches its eyes and their front legs have an unusual construction. Bedlington Terriers have feet that are closer together than at the elbows. This creates a pivot or a triangular shape that allows them to switch angles at quick and high speeds.

Bedlington Terrier Dog BreedThe Bedlington is less aggressive and calmer than your typical terrier. They are intelligent, problem solvers, and make great companions. They are unparalleled in water and are quick enough to chase down even the fastest foxes. But as with many dogs, if they get bored, they can become destructive around the house.

Many keep their Bedlington Terriers’ hair short to reduce the amount of grooming needed. Whether cut short or not, daily combing is a must and cuts every 6-8 weeks is necessary.

The median life for this breed is 13.5 years, which surpasses pure bred dogs and dogs of its size. The longest lived Bedlington was 18.4 years. The main causes of death for this breed are old age, urologic, and hepatic.

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