The Beagle is a small to medium sized breed that is found in the hound category. Their expertise is their ability to smell. In the past they have been used to hunt down rodents, hare, and rabbits. They have very few health problems, and are calm which make them a great pet.

Beagle Dog BreedThe Beagle resembles a Fox Hound, except the Beagle is shorter, and has a wider head. Many say their legs are lower to the ground because they were bred for smelling. The shorter legs allow them to be closer to the ground. They are between 13-16 inches in height and 18-35 lbs. Their teeth make a scissor bite, and their eyes are large, found in either brown or hazel color. The Beagle has large ears, known to usually curl towards the neck. Their long ears help trap the scents between their nose. Their neck is a normal size, but incredibly strong to allow them to bend to the ground. Their tail is short, with a white tip. Just like the Basset Hound, the Beagle’s tail has the white tip to make it easier to follow the dog as they search for scents.

Beagles can be found in any hound color, but are most commonly found in the tricolor style, black, brown and white.

The Beagles scent detection is quite impressive. They are right up there with the Basset Hound and Bloodhound in the category. But their air scent detection is not so great. In mountain rescues, Collies are used over Beagles because of their inability to smell scents in the air.

This breed is great with children, has a good temper, and is always happy and playful. Beagles can become bored quite easily if not kept busy. They respond well to food training and make great watch dogs because of their ability to pick up scents. Their life expectancy is average for their size ranging from 10-13 years.

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