The Basset Hound is a short legged breed found in the hound class of dogs. Their expertise is scent detection. Originally, they were bred to hunt down rabbits. They have the best scent smelling besides the Bloodhound. Bas in French means low, and the suffix et, paired with Bas means rather low.

Basset Hound Dog BreedTypically Basset Hounds are spotted with black and brown. But there are a variety of colors the Basset Hound can be found in. They are about 12 inches tall and range from 35-70 lbs. Their coat is smooth, and their hair is short. Their tails are long and stand up with a slight curve. Most of the time, Bassets are bred to have a white tip on the end of their tail to help their hunters spot them more easily.

The breed’s capabilities can often be deceiving. They are able to reach many things other breeds cannot because of the length of their body. The negative to their stout structure is their inability to hold themselves above water very long, therefore use caution when Bassets are around water.

The breed is overly friendly to say the least. They make awesome pets for families with children. Basset Hounds enjoy voicing their opinions. They howl, and also make a low tone mumble that often sounds like a person talking.

Bassets are prone to three major health risks. The first being ear infections. Since they have ears that are so droopy and large, dirt and other bacteria can gather under the ear creating an infection. The second is eye infections. Because their eyes are droopy, foreign objects can collect under the eye creating mucus and infection. The third is yeast infections on the inside edges of the mouth. This happens from drool building up and not drying.

Bassets can become quite lazy without proper activities. They need to be kept busy and exercise to avoid becoming overweight.

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