The Basenji is a hunting dog bred in Africa. They are also known as the barkless dog because of the howl or barro they make unlike the normal bark associated with dogs. The Basenji only has one breeding season, the average dog has 2-3 breeding seasons annually. Many believe they were bred to howl because the bark would give away the location when enemies were near.

Basenji Dog Breed - Dog Lover StoreThe Basenji is an elegant and small breed with short hair, a curled up tail (shown here) Basenji Figurine similar to the Pomeranian and pointy ears. They weigh in around 25 lbs. and are 16 inches in height on average. Their height and length are usually very close, if not the same, making them a square dog. They are found in red, black, tri color, white and brindle.

The Basenji is alert, warm, interested and full of life. They keep reserved around strangers or when in unknown social situations. They are often described as aloof but are able to make strong bonds to humans. They display their animal behavior when fast moving objects intersect their path by chasing after the object. To avoid serious injury the breed should always be on a dog leash when outdoors.

There are very few health studies on the Basenji. They largely suffer from progressive retinal atrophy which causes blindness. The Basenji also suffers from Fanconi’s syndrome, which causes kidney failure. Other issues with their health include hypothyroidism, immunoproliferative systemic intestinal disease, and hemolytic anemia. They are also very sensitive to chemicals in household cleaner and should be used with caution around the dog. Their average life span is 13.5 years, which is a couple years longer than the average medium sized dog.

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