The Australian Terrier is a small breed found in the terrier category. Similar to the Silky Terrier, they were found in Australia but their ancestry comes from Great Britain. The breed weighs on average 14 lbs. and 10 inches in height. Their coat is medium length but shaggy and coarse. For a visual of their coat check out this Australian Terrier Dog Apron. The coat comes in red and blue, but contains lighter colors at the neck.

Australian Terrier Dog BreedTheir health is slightly above average with a lifespan of 12.1 years on average. The main causes of death are cancer, allergic dermatitis, unknown causes, old age, musculoskeletal, and diabetes. A small percentage of Australian Terriers have ear infections as well.

Unlike the Silky Terrier, this breed is strong-willed, spirited and alert. Australian Terriers are smart; they have an above average intelligence. Like all terriers, they can be bossy and aggressive. Attention to detail must be taken when living with other dogs, especially males. Don’t be fooled though, this breed was also bred for companionship and care, therefore, under the right circumstances, can be a great family dog.

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