Australian Shepherd Overview

The Australian Shepherd is a herding dog created in Western United States. Even though the breed is known as an Australian Shepherd it did not originate or come from Australia. They are known as an Australian Shepherd because of relations with sheepherders that came to the United States from Australia. Much like the Australian Cattle Dog, this breed has large amounts of energy and drive. You will want to purchase a variety of dog toys to provide the needed exercise this breed requires.

Australian Shepherd Activities & Exercise Requirements

Australian Shepherd Dog BreedThe breed is always looking for activities and games to partake in; including Frisbee toss, dog agility, and fly ball. They serve best in a home that requires some level of house protection. They’ll bark at all neighborhood activity but are not obsessive barkers. Australian Shepherds have been used as search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, disaster dogs and even detection dogs.

If Australian Shepherds don’t get enough exercise they will find activities around the house for themselves, often causing the breed to become destructive. Many owners find this behavior to be hyperactive. Aussies are loving, kind, and playful in the home. A nickname for the Aussie is Velcro. They acquired this name because of how close they stay to their owners. They are a devoted breed if properly cared for. Their owners are also known to be devoted and proud to be an Aussie owner by displaying their affection with a variety of Australian Shepherd gifts.

Australian Shepherd Health

The breed inherits many health problems including back, hip, and vision problems as well as epilepsy. In 1998 their life expectancy was 12.5 years, although a recent study estimates the average life span to be 9 years.

Color & Coat

There are two distinct appearances of the Aussie, depending on whether the dog is a show dog or working dog. The show dogs tend to have longer thicker coats of hair. The working dog has a shorter, finer coat. The colors for this breed are red, black, blue merle (black and gray), and red merle (red and silver). The Aussie is a solid, medium sized breed. Their height is between 18 and 23 inches. Females are 18 to 21 inches while males are 20-23 inches.

Australian Shepherd Gifts Merchandise Products

As I mentioned earlier, Australian Shepherd lovers, like most dog owners, enjoy showing their affection for their dog. Whether it be with an outdoor sign, socks, figurines, or ornaments, their love runs deep. You can find a variety of decor at Dog Lover Store. Visit the following link to see a collection of some of the finest Australian Shepherd products.
Australian Shepherd Gifts & Merchandise

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