Airedale Terrier Origins

Airedale Terriers originated in Airedale, a location in Yorkshire, England. The breed is also known as the King of Terriers because it is the largest of the terrier breeds. Because the breed was originally bred for hunting otters around the valleys of the River Aire that runs though Airedale, it has also been known as the Waterside Terrier.

Airedale Build

The breed weighs between 55-66 lbs. and is 23-24 inches tall. Their coat is of medium thickness with a rough outer coat, and soft inner coat. At times you will see the tail of an Airedale docked, but traditionally it is left long. The breeds bite has a “scissor bite”, where the top teeth bite over the bottom teeth. The breed was bred this way to assist in successfully hunting their prey.

Airedale Temperament

Like most terriers, the breed is intelligent, independent, and a great hunter. They are funny, but become bored easily, especially with training. They need a trainer that can keep learning fun and unique to avoid boredom. The trainer must stay patient with the Airedale. Once the Airedale is trained, they can reach unbelievable levels of learning. They make a good family dog, keeping themselves entrenched in family activities, showing love, and expressing their thoughts. They are loyal, strong, energetic, and protective.

Airedale Health Problems

They are known to suffer from skin conditions that are unnoticed because of their wiry outer coat. They also suffer from allergies, dietary imbalances, bloat, and under or over productive thyroid glands.

Airedale Creation and Beginnings

In the mid nineteenth century the working class crossed the Old English rough coated black and tan (now known as the Welsh Terrier) with the Otterhound. In 1886, the AKC recognized the Airedale Terrier.

Airedale Terrier Gifts Products

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