Our galleries provide a place to display your favorite dog pictures. Show off your pet. Share the fun, the excitement, the joy, with others. This is your place for your pictures. Let us, let everyone, see your wonderful dogs!

We have several galleries and will add more to include a variety of categories. Be sure to visit them here:

Send us your picture(s) and tell us about your dog. You can send your pictures as email attachments to: allaboutbreeds@ourhutch.com, or use the Upload Pictures box to the left. JPEG (.jpg) format pictures are preferred. Uploaded pictures will not display until approved.

Watch for new galleries, including John’s and Kimberly’s travelogue with some of the pets they found across the country.


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  • I own a head halter but I haven’t used it in years. The male dog I put it on was extremely upset about it to the point of becoming frantic, I could not distract him with food, so I took it off. I guess some would say I gave in, and I would do it again. The next day he was very painful and had trouble eating. Not too much later I witnessed an obedience class being offered by a large chain pet supply store. A young German Shepherd bitch wearing a head halti was frantically throwing herself around on the floor fighting the halti and screaming. The instructer ignored her behavior, I told them to stop, that she would get hurt. I was asked to leave. I know that there are many dogs that quietly accept these halters. But they need to used with caution and there should be warnings of the possibilty of injury both mental and physical.

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