Westie Dog Appearance

The West Highland Terrier also known as the “Westie” is one of the more popular breeds around the world especially in theWestie Dog Breed USA and UK. It is a Scottish dog breed well known for it’s rough coat and white color. Upon first glance their most notable trait is their coat and facial area. Their ears are coned shaped that match their small rounded head perfectly. Their dark almond eyes should be set deep within their face opposing their extruded black nose. They are small and low to the ground ranging from 10-11 inches in height and 15 to 20 pounds in weight. Their double coat is soft and thick that keeps them warm. Typically their exterior coat is hand stripped especially for dog shows. Their coat can grow long as long as 2-3 inches and appear appropriate for the breeds build and style. Their mouth utilizes a scissor bite. You can see their strong and erect tail in these Westie Dog Clocks.

Westie Dog Health

The breed lives a long life. Their lifespan ranges from 12-17 years on average. Skin disorders, genetic dispositions, and some other common issues that are seen with many other breeds are all possible illnesses. Atopic dermatitis, craniomandibular osteopathy, globoid cell leukodystrophy, and hydroxyglutaric aciduria are all known issues that can affect the breed. For more detail on what these illnesses are and how they can be treated visit Westie Health.

Westie Temperament, Exercise, & Behavior

Westies have similarities with other small dog breeds especially the Pomeranian. Both can get along well with children and others, but some prefer to be alone and enjoy quite atmospheres. Both can be aggressive and dominant in the household if a firm but positive hand is not enforced. They can also become possessive of their belongings and space. The breed can also show signs of stubbornness and independence. Strict repetitive training is a must or else this breed can become an issue for the entire household. It is important to start training right away as a puppy to reduce bad habits. Exercise is important because similar to other small breeds, despite their size, their energy is extraordinary. Without exercise their stubborn manners will grow and their behavior will become destructive. A minimum of a medium length walk daily is a must. Their terrier like instincts show on a daily basis. At times they may dig holes and bark at strangers and anything out of the ordinary in their site. Did you know Westies were bred to have a tail that does not cause pain when pulled on? Breeders bred this into the breed because Westies were used to find rats and other unwanted rodents from passageways and tunnels. If the breed were to become stuck in a passageway the owner could pull on the breeds tail to release them. Another fun fact about Westie dogs pertaining to gifts is that Westie Dog Gift sales are right in line with popularity in the USA ranking around 30th for most ordered dog breed gifts.

Westie History

Westies go way back to the 1500’s when James 1 of England reigned. By the 1900’s the first Westie club was created by Niall Campbell who was the 10th Duke of Argyll. Soon to follow the AKC approved of the breed in 1908. As time has progressed the Westie has become increasingly popular with the breed ranking at 3rd most popular in the UK and 30rd in the United States. Worldwide the breed ranks in the mid 30”s with slight fluctuations from year to year. A popular Westie dog gift are these

Westie Grooming & Care

Westies require regular cleaning of the teeth to promote health. If gum disease forms it can spread throughout the body and cause severe illness. Hand stripping is the preferred way of maintaining the breeds coat. Stripping is recommended 1-2 times each month to avoid matting and twisted hair. Clipping of the hair is not allowed in show dogs but is appropriate for companion Westies. Generally stripping creates a more coarse and exotic look while clipping creates a softer coat. Their nails grow at a quicker pace than a typical breed requiring clipping more often. Their high maintenance coat is perfectly replicated in these Westie Outdoor Welcome Dog Signs.

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